Does This Tape Really Work? Let's Test The Claims Out

by Christopher Janssen on May 27, 2020

Can it really be cleaned and reused?

The short answer: Yes

The long answer: Our washable nano tape uses a polyurethane gel which has viscoelastic properties. This means the tape has both solid and liquid properties and is intrinsically sticky.
Once contaminated with oil, dirt, and debris it can be washed with soap and water and air dried or blow dried.
This works because our tape is intrinsically sticky. It doesn't rely on glue or other chemicals that leave a sticky residue behind!
(We told you it would be a long answer)
Don't believe us? Watch the video and see how easily it can be cleaned and dried!
We strongly believe that a good product is one that can be reused and recycled. Polyurethane is 100% recyclable so if your tape ever becomes unable to be cleaned, feel free to recycle it!

I recommend cleaning the nano tape by rinsing it with water and a little soap. The soap shouldn't affect its' stickiness at all. Then you should let it air dry or use a blow dryer. DO NOT use any sort of towel as the fibers could get stuck on the tape and make it dirty again. 


Ever tried to hang something up something and realized you might have to make a hole in the wall? Well if you have ever done some Googling for alternatives to making holes in the wall, you might have stumbled up on something called nano gel tape.

A few questions likely popped up in your head. First off you probably have wondered what nano tape is and does it even work? Then you probably wondered about all the other claims like it being reusable and never damaging walls. You are right to feel skeptical since it just looks like regular old tape right? Read ahead


  1. Does nano tape work?
  2. What is nano tape made from?
  3. Won't this damage my walls?
  4. How do you clean it?


Does nano tape work?

TL;Dr: In short, yes it does! He was able to hold several bricks to the wall and was able to hang stuff on the back of his door. He does note that the tape is very strong and might pull paint off! We will discuss that potential problem later so keep reading.


Test #1: Tiles

So for the first test, I peeled a bit of the tape and placed it on some tiles in my bathroom. 

Test #2: Glass/Mirrors

Test #3: Metal Surfaces

Test #4: Painted Surfaces

Test #5: Car


What Is Nano Tape Made From? 

TL;DR nano tape is made for polyurethane gel which interacts with flat and smooth surfaces to make a strong bond. 

After digging around I discovered that nano tape is made from polyurethane gel. Polyurethane gel is a type of resin used in many different things including computer mouse pads, bike seats, shoe insoles, and other types of padding (source:

Warning: Science Coming!

Nano tape in particular is made with pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA) which have the unique property of being viscoelastic.

This means the resin has physical properties of both solids and liquids. PSA resin is able to "wet out" the surfaces it interacts with, creating a strong adhesive force but without producing residue or leaving behind a gooey mess. This tape is then blended with tackifier to produce a permanent tack (grabbing power) at room temperature. 

via Imgflip 

The Tape Easily Returns Back To It's Original Shape!

 Nano tape works best on surfaces with high surface-energy which are those with lots of free molecular bonding potential. Examples include glass, polycarbonate, and metal. Nano tape generally doesn't work as well on non porous or woven surfaces like cloth or cotton. As you will see further down, manufacturers strongly recommend the exact same surfaces. 


Does nano tape ruin walls?

It really depends on the surface of the wall and the type of paint. There is always the risk that nano tape could damage a wall, so we recommend you test it on a small area first.

Some reviews show it coming off without a single trace while others show paint ripped off. Suffice to say there isn't a hard or fast rule since everyone's walls are slightly different.

What's the best way to use nano tape?

According to the manufacturers, transparent tape works best on clean flat surfaces such as the following:

  1. Floors
  2. Doors
  3. Windows
  4. Car interiors surfaces
  5. Wardrobes
  6. Tabletops
  7. Backsplashes
  8. Refrigerators
  9. Tiles


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