Turbo Defrosting Tray: Thaw Food Fast!
Turbo Defrosting Tray: Thaw Food Fast!
Turbo Defrosting Tray: Thaw Food Fast!
Turbo Defrosting Tray: Thaw Food Fast!
Turbo Defrosting Tray: Thaw Food Fast!

🧑‍🍳  A Safer Way To Handle Meat

  • The longer food sits at room temperature while thawing, the more time bacteria has to grow and multiply! Getting your food out of the temperature danger zone is essential to ensuring you and your family or friends stay safe and healthy. 
  • Our defroster cuts the time needed to thaw food in half. 

⏱️ Cut The Thaw Time In Half Or More!

Ever had to wait for food to thaw while everyone is hungry? This won't happen ever again if you use our defroster. Instead of waiting over an hour for food to thaw, you can instead wait 30 minutes or even less.

Our rapid defroster quickly, yet gently transfers room temperature heat using it's non-toxic and dishwasher safe aluminum design. 

Inspired by heat sink technology used to keep computers and cars cool, our aluminum defrosting tray transforms frozen food back into it's fresh former self in a matter of minutes! 



😋  Cook Tastier Food

  • Often frozen food winds up having less texture and flavor compared to fresh food. By using our tray, you can restore your frozen food to it's fresh glory! A big problem with frozen food is all the extra moisture that winds up getting turned into water. 

    🌳  Eco and Earth Friendly

    • Say goodbye to extra waste! Instead of pouring water over your frozen meat or having to put it in a single use plastic bag, simply place it on our defroster. 

    🧼  Easier to Clean Up:

    • Our aluminum tray can be washed with soap and water or even put straight in the dishwasher. Instead of having to clean pots and pans full of meat juice, just give our tray a rinse and scrub!

    See It In Action:



    • Dishwasher safe, non-toxic aluminum.


    Is This For Me?

    Our defroster tray is definitely a great tool for many people, but it has it's limitations. If you have a huge chunk of meat, please don't expect instant defrosting. Our defroster works best with cuts of meat that are an inch or two thick. Giant slabs may take quite a bit longer than 30 minutes so please be aware.

    The tips below should show you how you can make sure you get the best results possible. 

    Useful Tips

    • Use a drip catcher or place the defroster over the sink. Lots of liquid will be coming off your meat/food and it's good to have it safely drain away and not leave a mess. 
    • Flip the meat or other frozen food over after about 10 minutes or so. Flipping it over will help ensure both sides get a chance to defrost. 
    • Want to make it even faster? Consider running hot water over the tray before using it.
    • Once the food is thawed pat it dry before applying seasoning. Removing excess water ensures that the food will cook better and will avoid splattering. 

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