Washable Tape With Nanotechnology
Washable Tape With Nanotechnology
Washable Tape With Nanotechnology

 Hang Stuff Up In Seconds!

Stick Anything on Any Surface In Seconds

    Imagine being able to hang stuff up without damaging your wall or spending tons of time drilling, mounting, or hammering holes. Our tape lets you decorate almost any smooth surface and comes off without a trace. 

      Truly Traceless and Non-Toxic (Doesn't Harm Your Wall)

      By heating the tape up with a blow dryer, it will release it's grip on objects and your walls. Once it's warm, you can simply peel the tape back and it will come off without any damage. 

      Buy Once, Use Many Times

      Is the tape dirty now? No problem! Simply run rinse our tape with soap and water it will become smooth and clean again. Let it air dry or gently blow dry it and it will be back to it's sticky self. 

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Is This Tape Really Worth It?

      Let's face it, paying several dollars for a roll of tape seems pricey right? But for the right person our tape can seriously improve their home and help fix all kinds of small problems and situations. Here's a few reasons you might consider our tape.

      • Hang up smaller objects without drilling or making holes.
      • Organize your living room or bathroom.
      • Keep something in place on your desk (a charger, a mousepad, etc.)
      • Organize cables and wiring.
      • Put up LED lights.
      • Mount your phone or tablet in your vehicle.
      • Put artwork up.

       How Strong Is This Tape?

      Our tape can hold up to 1 kilogram (2.2 lbs) with a strip about 4 centimeters long. If you want to hold heavier objects please be careful. We recommend applying several strips to maximize the surface area. The more tape you use, the more weight you can hold. Always be careful and test the object out by pushing and wiggling it to see how good of a bond you have.

      How Do I Apply This Tape?

      1. Clean both surfaces to ensure the contact area is smooth and free of dirt, dust, or any other debris. 
      2. Apply the tape to both surfaces and press down firmly for 5 seconds.

      How Should I Wash This Tape?

      1. Once the tape is removed place it under running water and begin rubbing it.
      2. Apply soap and lots of water to rinse off dust and debris.
      3. Once the tape appears clear, let the tape air dry or use a blow dryer on a cool setting. (DO NOT use a towel or cloth since the fibers could get the tape dirty again!)

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