UV-C Sterilizing Wand
UV-C Sterilizing Wand
UV-C Sterilizing Wand

Disinfect Without Harsh Chemicals

Protecting you and your loved ones from germs is easier and safer than ever! Our UV-C Sterilizing Wand is kid and pet safe since it uses the same type of ultraviolet rays the sun uses. Instead of relying on harsh chemicals like bleach, rubbing alcohol, or other household cleaners, simply wave this over surfaces for at least five seconds to kill 99.9% of germs. This clever technology is 100% chemical free and simply uses the same type of light the sun has. 

Where Can I Use It?


Nobody wants a wet package. Simply wave our wand over it instead.

Safely Clean Electronics

Using wipes or cleaners can damage electronics like phones, keyboards, laptops, or remotes. Instead pass our wand over them to safely sanitize germs.


Quickly sanitize toilets, sinks, toothbrushes, and other items.

Ultimate Travel Companion

Going somewhere? Wave our wand over the seats, tray tables, and other surfaces to quickly sanitize them.

How It Works

By holding our wand over a surface for at least 5 seconds, Our UV-C wand sterilizies over 90% of germs. It does so by damaging parts of their DNA which prevents bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other microbes from being able to reproduce or grow.

A Better Way To Sanitize

Power It Anywhere

Every wand can be charged anywhere you have a USB plug. Simply use the included USB cable


Tired of tossing wipes in the trash? Our UV-C lamp can help reduce their use which is great for the environment

Extremely Versatile

Our wand works well on almost any flat surface including bed sheets, pillows, toys, packages/paper, and countertops.

Financially Frugal

The average family spends $50 a month on cleaning supplies. Now you can save money.

 Safety Considerations (Please Read)

UV Proof Glasses Required for Use

UV-C light is similar to sunlight and can damage your eyes when directly viewed. In the interest of safety, please wear sunglasses when using our wand.

Gloves are Required for Use

Please wear gloves when using this wand. UV light can damage your skin.

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